About Us
Attlee Realty
Attlee Realty is a residential & commercial real estate company, located in McKinney, in the north Dallas-Fort Worth area. We represent clients throughout DFW and commercial clients in all of Texas.


Attlee Realty and its sales associates emphasize the importance of upholding a high level of professionalism in all transactions, and in interaction with all clients and other parties. We regard compliance with the Texas Real Estate Commission Canons of Ethics and Conduct as imperative in going about our business.


We will represent the best interest of our clients first, and will be faithful to the trust placed in us.

We will never place personal interest above our client’s interest.

We will treat all parties to a transaction fairly, always performing our duties diligently and honestly.

We will exercise caution and integrity in all transactions, being careful to avoid misrepresentation by acts of commission or omission.

We will ensure that all associates representing Attlee Realty are informed on market conditions that affect the industry.

We will ensure that all associates strive to exercise the highest level of skill and judgement while performing their fiduciary duties.

Attlee Realty